By Bertolt Brecht, Ludwig Rubiner, Paul Kornfeld, Yvan Goll, Georg Kaiser, Oskar Kokoschka, Reinhard Sorge, Carl Sternheim, Walter

Tremendous great assortment because it comprises a few performs that aren't that straightforward to discover translated outdoor of anthologies akin to this. get pleasure from! makes one pissed off with the nation of publishing today!!! this article might merely be placed out by means of a school press beautiful much.



M a n in t h e C e n t e r , Ludwig Rubiner
Translated through Walter H. Sokel

E p i l o g u e t o t h e A c t o r , Paul Komfeld
Translated through Joseph Bernstein

Two S u p e r d r a m a s , Yvan Goll
Translated through Walter H. Sokel

M a n i n t h e T u n n e l , Georg Kaiser
Translated by way of Walter H. Sokel

M u r d e r e r t h e W o m e n ’s H o p e , Oskar Kokoschka
Translated by way of Michael Hamburger

T h e B e g g a r , Reinhard Sorge
Translated by way of Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

T h e S t r o n g b o x , Carl Stemheim
Translated via Maurice Edwards and Valerie Reich

Job, Oskar Kokoschka
Translated by means of Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

H u m a n i t y , Walter Hasenclever
Translated by way of Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

A l okay i b i a d e s S a v e d , Georg Kaiser
Translated by way of Bayard Quincy Morgan

T h e I m m o r t a l O n e , Yvan Goll
Translated through Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

C r y in t h e S t r e e t , Rolf Lauckner
Translated by means of Maurice Edwards and Valerie Reich

B a a l , Bertolt Brecht
Translated by way of Eric Bentley and Martin Esslin

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