]> this is a few textual content with a non-breaking house in it. The DTD (covered in additional aspect in bankruptcy four) announces that the basis point is called myElement, after which there’s one entity statement; at any place   appears to be like within the rfile the parser will learn it because the Unicode personality A0, a non-breaking area. you'll additionally use this technique so as to add references that check with a couple of personality. for example, you might have considered trying a reference named copyright that outputs © Wrox 2012 anywhere you set ©right, that method you could simply replace the DTD in a single position with the intention to switch all of your references to learn © Wrox 2013. this can be accomplished in precisely a similar method because the previous instance, utilizing the subsequent: ]> See bankruptcy four for extra on most of these references. caution It’s very important to recollect that you simply can’t upload the forbidden characters, similar to null, for your rfile utilizing both entity or personality references. parts as opposed to Attributes On many events you might have a call no matter if to symbolize facts as a component or an characteristic. for instance, take the appUsers. xml dossier from bankruptcy 1 (shown in directory 2-1): directory 2-1: appUsers. xml you'll decide to signify the clients’ first names and final names as parts in its place as proven in directory 2-2: directory 2-2: appUsers-elementCentric. xml Joe Fawcett Danny Ayers Catherine Middleton There are not any mounted principles relating to no matter if you can use one shape or the opposite, however the following are a few things to think about whilst making your determination.

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