By Pierre Guyotat

Released in France in 1970, Eden, Eden, Eden was once instantly banned and remained a proscribed textual content for the subsequent eleven years. Set in a polluted and apocalyptic area of the Algerian wasteland in a time of civil conflict, this delirious, lacerating novel brings scenes of brutal carnage into intimate collision with relentless acts of prostitutional intercourse and humiliation.

Pierre Guyotat has been reviled and respected in equivalent degree in his local France. With an advent by means of Stephen Barber, this is often his so much furious, murderous publication to date.

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My lamb, a thousand dinars your cost, bare ... my father lifeless in Tamesna .. , .. pink physique buried in sack of salt.. II ; / flock preventing at fringe of cliff ; mist emerging from swelling wadi, protecting negro village ; sheep butting bare infants propped opposed to trellisfences, wallowing in fech-fech ; childrens, tickled through rubbing of wool, mendacity lower than bellies of sheep ; elbows urgent down, puffing out stomachs, rubbing opposed to animals' nipples; shepherds squatting at backside of ravine starting into roaring wadi, masturbating, altering sixteen Pierre Guyotat position on pebbles - contraction of nerves, muscle mass, bringing kneecaps close to breaking; girl sheep lifting penis of kid leaning again opposed to rusty steel urinal - dragged from city centre in the course of evening of riots, by means of youths with knobbled skulls - , licking clean excrement splattered over kid's buttocks; returning to lamb, licking below tail; turning again, burying muzzle among legs of kid, baby spreading thighs, caressing chilly eyes of ewe; in communal gardens, ladies scything barley, wheat; wrists, hands marked with scabs, violet scars: viper-bites, sickle-cuts, djerid-wounds ; baby, donning bluespangled costume, placing onto mother's gowns; mom lifting head, brow catching transparent beam of reddening fireplace filtered via palm-trees; dazzled, bending backpedal, throwing scythe apart, into uncut clump ; hook catching baby hidden in clump ; via torn fabric, line of blood forming throughout swollen abdominal from correct hip to left groin; lady falling onto mattress of wheat, brow, lips fading white, scythe caught into flesh; in village, young ones tormenting dwell toads shitting in arms - stuck in crimson sand-marsh ; impaling toads, swollen, on trellis-fences: impaled via ribs, falling, flesh giving approach, down alongside spikes of trellis in gardens - little ones, drowsy, laid down, enclosed, in gardens till dusk with lambs, little ones: woken on touch with cool of sand, falling again, rocked asleep by means of bells of lambs, childrens lapping tepid brackish water of irrigation ditches, hidden underneath barley; shepherds, shivering, status up ; rags trailing in jissom, sticking to thighs ; globules glimmering on black shingle ; shepherds mounting favoured sheep; wiping, on fleece, articulation of thighs, fringe of arse, lined in sweat from flow of masturbation ; touching embalmed wool, individuals, softened, hardening, burrowing, glowing violet, into soiled fleece ; girls, accumulated round wounded lady, heads turning again ; shepherds, testicles squashed lower than buttocks opposed to sticking out bones of sheep, naked ft caught into hot sand, tongues lolling over chins, panting, yelping; rutting canine rolling in wheat, snapping at attire of ladies; rolling in sand, snapping at individuals of shepherds; russet puppy licking girl's wound, working in the direction of shepherds, rubbing Eden Eden Eden 17 against leg of shepherd with largest member, pushing burning tongue among thighs; tongue wrapping member; dog's breath bathing shepherd's stomach, foam operating down thigh ; shepherd, stiffening legs opposed to flanks of sheep - puppy shocked by means of muscle tissues cracking, leaping apart: shepherd's lips puckered, wet with foam, arse-hairs rippled by means of mild fart, animal returning, tongue catching member -, heaving, hands hooked round ears of sheep; jissom spurting : held through puppy on tongue curled again, carried into clump of wheat, laid at women's toes; I in saloon, child, lifted out of cradle, crawling alongside hint of jissom trailing among legs of soldier with bluish temples, trapped below thigh of black girl-whore: flap of blue woollen rompers dragging in transparent jissom ; younger whore sitting cross-legged on tiles, taking child into lap: combing, with small blue nylon brush, pubic fleece of blond soldier marked on groin with beauty-spot ; soldier's again rippling noticed with eco-friendly paint, transferred onto pores and skin - soldier masturbated first by means of whore-mistress, physique stiffened opposed to eco-friendly wall of orgy-room moistened with sweat, urgent again at shoulders, buttocks, calves, neck bending, head congested crimson ; soldier status, hand on shoulder of whore, dungarees round ankles, nipples smeared with honey lower than gaping blouse, eyes held veiled in measured beating of masturbation, mounted on package deal of machine-guns propped up in nook beside drain - via gap, muted murmur from boys' brothel -, sighing : brush pulling, disentangling knots of curly hair ; 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