By James Davies

This ebook is an advent to tesuji, that are smart tactical strikes. the 1st bankruptcy is ready interpreting, and it talks approximately how you can pass approximately approching tactical occasions, together with an excellent instance exhibiting why you shouldn't play strikes in a useless wish to trap your opponent dozing. the following fourteen chapters every one introduce a comparable relations of tesujis; every one tesuji comes with a few challenge, and every bankruptcy ends with a few evaluate difficulties. ultimately, the final bankruptcy includes a few "challenge problems".

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178 Answer to challenge 1. White has to provide in at 2, and if he doesn't additionally protect at four, there's Black a. Black has received either territory and eye house. Dia. los angeles. White can't play this manner, other than in very particular situations the place he thinks he can kill the black crew. solution to challenge 2. White 1 works good with the stone marked ©, and Black has to play 2 as proven. in addition to strengthening himself, White is lowering Black's territory in sente. extra difficulties In every one of those difficulties the thing is to make form. a few of them, like numbers four and five, are very simple. In quantity 6 White is to make form within the heart, and in quantity 7 he's to make form at the correct facet. for those who locate any ladders in quantity nine, suppose they paintings. 179 180 181 182 14. forget about THE ATARI a few move gamers' analyzing appears to be like ruled via the belief of atari; they provide it every time they could and draw out of it at any time when they locate themselves in it. they're continually getting side-tracked via the fates jf person stones and lacking tesuji. while to not provide Atari. Dia. 1. White to play; what should still he do during this form? He has regular strikes, one for offense and one for protection, and neither of them is an atari. Dia. 2. If White is definitely sufficient supported within the surrounding quarter, he can assault. to take action with 1, even though, betrays clumsiness. White 1 doesn't support his reason a great deal, and a pair of is helping Black's reason by way of quite a lot. Black a is commencing to glance attention-grabbing. Dia. three. the proper play is that this attachment tesuji, which threatens the using tesuji. Now if Black performs 2, White has a powerful movement of bis personal at three. 183 Dia. four. maybe security, no longer assault, is White's objective; to provide atari with 1 remains to be clumsy. Black 2 is the final circulate he probably want to impress, because it kills off the stone marked ⇓. in addition, White has to return and fasten at three, finishing in gote. Dia. five. White 1 is right. Now if Black performs 2, White has sente to take the initiative in different places, or if he desires to proceed during this quarter, he can play three at a—compare that with the former diagram. If Black ignores White 1, White has a ladder at 2. Dia. 6. If Black presses out with 2, White can press him again with a double hane, placing ⇓ to paintings. challenge 1. Black to reply to White 1. challenge 2. White to reply to Black 1. watch out for the Greeks bearing presents. challenge three. A joseki: Black to respond to White five. 184 Answer to challenge 1. Black 1 is true. subsequent Black threatens a. resolution to challenge 2. With 1, White is secure. Dia. 2a. This White 1, or White 1 at three, we could Black make a ko. resolution to challenge three. Black needs to attach at 1. Later, he can minimize at a if he needs. Dia. 3a. to chop at 1 instantly is simply to assist White get eyes, and after four, the specter of White a, Black b, White c is still a nuisance to Black. Dia. 3b. This atari additionally is helping White to make form. on account that Black has to attach at three besides, there isn't any aspect in his strengthening White with the 1-2 trade. The Counter-Atari Tesuji. Dia. 1. White 1 is a typical circulate for beginning difficulty at the correct part. Black 2 is an efficient solution, yet now Black faces the atari at three.

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