By Edward F. Edinger

From the author's preface: "There is within the subconscious a transpersonal heart of latent attention. the invention of this heart, which Jung referred to as the Self (and which empirically can't be uncommon from the God-image), is just like the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence. guy isn't any longer by myself within the psyche and within the cosmos. The vicissitudes of lifestyles tackle new and enlarged that means ... initially, the stumble upon with the Self is certainly a defeat for the ego; yet with perseverance, gentle is born fromthe darkness. One meets the "Immortal One" who wounds and heals, who casts down and increases up, who makes small and makes huge - in a observe, the person who makes whole."

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Those 3 characterize shadow figures who're introduced into wakeful view with the breakdown of the ego. As activity loses the protective limitations of his wide awake character, repressed points of himself come into sight. They firstly don't communicate. activity, the ego, first bewails his destiny within the subsequent photograph. web page 36 web page 37 photograph eight task now succumbs to the nigredo, the darkish evening of the soul. He falls into blackness and suicidal depression. May the day perish when I was born, and the night that told of a boy conceived, May that day be darkness. May God on high have no thought for it, May no light shine on it. . . . . Why did I not die new-born, not perish as I left the womb? Why were there two knees to receive me, two breasts for me to suck? Had there not been, I should now be lying in peace, wrapped in a restful slumber, with the kings and high visiers of earth who build themselves vast vaults. . . . . Why give light to a man of grief? Why give life to those bitter of heart, who long for a death that never comes . . . ? . . . . Why make this gift of light to a man who does not see his way, whom God baulks on every side? 15 the last word questions have now been requested and the remainder of the drama will exhibit the implied solutions, embedded in symbolic imagery. One could even say that those sour questions have been the contents of the vial poured on activity by means of devil. no less than those questions are a final result of Job's getting used as a selected vessel to carry divine contents. task has been faced with the last word, metaphysical questions of lifestyles. as soon as those questions have constellated, the person needs to reply in a single of 3 methods. 1) In depression at discovering himself 15. task three: 323, Jerusalem Bible. web page 38 an orphan within the cosmos, he may possibly devote suicide both actually or psychologically, for instance by means of succumbing to cynicism. 2) He may perhaps locate containment in a neighborhood or creed that gives an enough non secular fantasy to silence the questions which were raised. three) The 3rd threat is numinous stumble upon with the Self may possibly take place, in which the person is granted an immediate event of the archetypal truth that underlies awake lifestyles. Such an occasion solutions experientially the pressing questions that have been raised. web page forty web page forty-one photo nine Job's comforters at the moment are speaking to him. those figures might be top understood as personified photographs from the non-public subconscious encountered in lively mind's eye. Their comments are a infected mix of a number of components of differing worth that are attribute of energetic mind's eye and which demand an lively, serious angle at the a part of the ego. This photograph illustrates a selected speech of Eliphaz: Now, I have had a secret revelation, a whisper has come to my ears, At the hour when dreams master the mind, and slumber lies heavy on man, A shiver of horror ran through me, and my bones quaked with fear. A breath slid over my face, the hairs of my body bristled. Someone stood thereI could not see his face, but the form remained before me.

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