This e-book describes the basics and information of MPEG-2 platforms technology

Written via a professional within the box, this e-book examines the MPEG-2 method specification as built within the early 1990’s, in addition to its evolution into the fourth version of the MPEG-2 platforms regular, released in 2013. whereas MPEG-2 structures will proceed to adapt extra, this ebook describes the MPEG-2 procedure performance as of October 2013. in addition, proper historical past info is supplied. The dialogue of MPEG-2 approach performance calls for wisdom of assorted basic matters, equivalent to timing, and supported content material codecs. hence additionally a few simple info on video and audio coding is equipped, together with their evolution. additionally different content material codecs supported in MPEG-2 structures are defined, so far as had to comprehend MPEG-2 systems.

  • Ordered logically operating from the fundamentals and historical past via to the main points and basics of MPEG-2 delivery streams and application streams
  • Explores very important matters in the standardization procedure itself
  • Puts the advancements on MPEG-2 structures into historical perspective
  • Includes aid of 3D Video and delivery of AVC, SVC and MVC
  • Concludes with extra matters similar to real-time interface, supply over IP networks and utilization via software standardization bodies
  • Predicts a continuous promising destiny for MPEG-2 shipping streams

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