Up to date after 20 years this re-creation combines a father/son writer workforce that spans greater than seventy five years within the petroleum undefined.

R. Dobie Langenkamp deals a clean set of phrases and words brought to the during the last twenty years and nonetheless contains many historic references from the early days of the undefined.

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CRUDE OIL, BUY-BACK 109 A B C D E See Buy-Back Crude. F CRUDE OIL, diminished G See diminished Crude Oil. CRUDE (OIL) SLATE the type or form of crude oil a refinery is determined as much as deal with: candy and high-­gravity, bitter and low-gravity, or a few of either. CRUDE OIL, VOLATILE-LADEN A crude oil flow wearing condensate, typical fuel, and butane. occasionally it really is handy and cost effective to maneuver yes ordinary gasoline beverages to refineries by way of injecting them into crude oil pipelines to be pumped with the crude. CRUDE PRICING, ON ARRIVAL The pricing and billing for crude oil upon arrival at its ultimate vacation spot into garage or on the refinery. less than normal pricing structures, that are termed F. O. B. , the customer bore the danger of cost fluctuations whereas the bought crude oil or items have been en course. In arrival pricing or vacation spot pricing, the seller—not the buyer—accepts the danger of fee declines. furthermore, given that in-transit time could be a month or extra, arrival pricing has its benefits for the customer. In instances of oil surpluses, it's a buyer’s marketplace. CRUDE nonetheless a main refinery unit; a wide vessel within which crude oil is heated and diverse elements taken off by means of distillation. CRUDE kinds assorted features and destinations lead to a few individually priced crude oil within the U. S. : Alaska–North Slope, Southern Louisiana candy, California halfway sundown, California Buena Vista, West Texas bitter, West Texas Intermediate, Oklahoma candy, Texas top Gulf Coast, Michigan bitter, Kansas universal, and North Dakota candy. There also are many varieties of crude produced in different countries. H I J okay L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 110 CRUMB BOSS | CUSHING box CRUMB BOSS In previous instances, the individual accountable for cleansing and maintaining an oilfield bunkhouse provided with towels, mattress linen, and cleaning soap; a development camp housekeeper. CRUMB OUT To shovel out the free earth within the backside of a ditch; additionally, to sq. up the ground and part of the trench in training for laying pipe. CRYOGENICS A department of physics that pertains to the creation and results of very low temperatures. the method of lowering typical fuel to a liquid by means of strain and cooling to very low temperatures employs the rules of cryogenics. CRYPTOCRYSTALLINE Having a crystalline constitution too small to be visible with a microscope. C. S. P. G. Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. CUBES brief for cubic inch displacement; C. I. D. CUBIC INCH DISPLACEMENT the amount “swept out” or evacuated by means of the pistons of an engine in a single operating stroke; used to explain the scale (and, via implication, the ability) of an car engine. CUP Disc with edges grew to become at correct angles to the physique used on plungers in convinced sorts of pumps; disc of sturdy plastic or different difficult, pliable fabric used on pipeline pigs or scrapers to brush the road. CUP GREASE initially, a grease utilized in compression cups; this present day the time period refers to oil having a calcium fatty-acid cleaning soap base. See Grease. CUSHING box Cushing, okay, the pricing element for far of the U.

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