Containing greater than three hundred equations and approximately 500 drawings, photos, and micrographs,
this reference surveys key components equivalent to optical measurements and in-line calibration tools. It describes cleanroom-based size expertise used through the manufacture of silicon built-in circuits and covers model-based, serious measurement, overlay, acoustic movie thickness, dopant dose, junction intensity, and electric measurements; particle and illness detection; and flatness following chemical mechanical sharpening. delivering examples of well-developed metrology strength, the booklet makes a speciality of metrology for lithography, transistor, capacitor, and on-chip interconnect technique applied sciences.

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Five AÊ Parameter Signi®cance Optical thickness: preliminary oxide …Y1† À RPN (Y2) RPN …Y1† À anneal (Y2) preliminary oxide …Y1† À anneal (Y2) Re¯ectivity: preliminary oxide …Y1† À RPN (Y2) RPN …Y1† À anneal (Y2) preliminary oxide …Y1† À anneal (Y2) electric thickness: preliminary oxide …Y1† À anneal (Y2) À2:63 1. thirteen À1:50 three. fifty five À1:80 1. seventy five 1. 05 of anneal A3 result in more and more thinner EOT values. As saw with the former information, an offset used to be saw among the Quantox EOT and the corresponding MOSCAP EOL electric measurements of thickness. Likewise, a superb correlation (R2 ˆ 0:99) used to be calculated among the Quantox and MOSCAP measurements of identical oxide thickness. A mixed optical and noncontact electric metrology procedure utilizing the ASETF5 and Quantox tools used to be proven to supply statistically signi®cant technique metrology for distant plasma nitrided-gate dielectrics of 26. 5-AÊ preliminary oxide thickness. Linear correlation values of Quantox EOT to polysilicon MOSCAP EOL EOT, regardless of the inherent adjustments to the gate dielectric throughout the MOSCAP fabrication procedure, point out that an in-line metrology technique could be applied with good fortune. C. High-Dielectric-Constant Gate fabrics High-dielectric-constant fabrics are anticipated for use at, and after, the 70-nm common sense node and doubtless even on the 100-nm node. not like SiO2 , for which there exist regular tables of optical houses, particularly little is understood concerning the houses of high-k ®lms on Si. Tantalum pentoxide (Ta2 O5 ) indicates a relative dielectric consistent of roughly 25 and is ordinary in DRAM purposes. even though it is not going that Ta2 O5 could be used for multiprocessor gate dielectric alternative, the Ta2 O5 approach determine 20 Correlation of Quantox EOT to MOSCAP EOL for various RPN stipulations. Copyright © 2001 Marcel Dekker, Inc. determine 21 Correlation of Quantox EOT to MOSCAP EOL for a variety of annealing stipulations. presents a prototypical fabric anticipated to express some of the demanding situations linked not just with optical modeling, yet certainly with fabrication. This part brie¯y discusses software of the HO and Tauc±Lorentz versions to the program. A Ta2 O5 ®lm of nominal thickness five nm used to be deposited on a Si wafer by means of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for initial characterization (46). sooner than deposition of the Ta2 O5 ®lm, the Si wafer had gone through a swift thermal anneal in an oxygen setting at 9008C for 30 seconds. determine 22 exhibits the spectral facts recorded from the heart aspect of the wafer. A wavelength diversity of 240±800 nm was once used, and the ®lm was once modeled as Ta2 O5 on SiO2 on Si. regular tables of optical houses have been used for the Si substrate and SiO2 layer. in basic terms the thickness of the oxide layer was once allowed to change. an easy - determine 22 TanÉ and cos Á spectral facts recorded from a Ta2 O5 =SiO2 =Si ®lm stack over the photon power variety 1. 6±5. 2 eV. The thickness of the Ta2 O5 ®lm used to be four. four nm. The w2 goodnessof-®t used to be zero. 893. Copyright © 2001 Marcel Dekker, Inc.

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