By Xenophon, Paul Cartledge

One among Socrates' Athenian disciples in his formative years, Xenophon (c. 498-354 bc) fought as a mercenary commander in Cyrus the Younger's crusade to grab the Persian throne, and later wrote a variety of works on heritage, politics and philosophy. those six treatises provide his knowledgeable insights into the character of management. within the discussion among the poet Simonides and Hiero, tyrant of Syracuse, Xenophon offers a consummate attention of the burdens of being an absolute dictator and the very best happiness of the personal guy. in other places, his biography of King Agesilaus II of Sparta depicts the author's buyer as a version of piety, justice, braveness and knowledge, whereas different texts think about the fundamental characteristics of the cavalry commander, examine the abilities of the horseman and the hunter, and boost a daring fiscal plan for democratic Athens.

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