By Zeeya Merali

The fourteen award-winning essays during this quantity speak about a number of novel principles and controversial topics which can decisively impression the process human lifestyles on Earth. Their authors tackle, in available language, issues as different as: enabling our social platforms to profit; learn in biological engineering and synthetic intelligence; mending and enhancing minds; bettering the best way we do, and train, technological know-how; residing in the here and now; and the worth of play.
The essays are improved types of the prize-winning entries submitted to the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) essay festival in 2014. FQXi, catalyzes, helps, and disseminates study on questions on the foundations of physics and cosmology, quite new frontiers and leading edge principles quintessential to a deep knowing of truth, yet not going to be supported through traditional investment sources.

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Best Physics books

To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science

A masterful observation at the historical past of technological know-how from the Greeks to trendy instances, via Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg—a thought-provoking and significant publication by means of some of the most extraordinary scientists and intellectuals of our time. during this wealthy, irreverent, and compelling historical past, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg takes us throughout centuries from historical Miletus to medieval Baghdad and Oxford, from Plato’s Academy and the Museum of Alexandria to the cathedral tuition of Chartres and the Royal Society of London.

Game Physics

Create bodily practical 3D snap shots environments with this advent to the guidelines and strategies at the back of the method. writer David H. Eberly comprises simulations to introduce the most important difficulties concerned after which progressively finds the mathematical and actual options had to remedy them. He then describes all of the algorithmic foundations and makes use of code examples and dealing resource code to teach how they're carried out, culminating in a wide number of actual simulations.

Quantum Theory of Solids (Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Sciences)

This booklet develops the topic from the fundamental ideas of quantum mechanics. The emphasis is on a unmarried assertion of the tips underlying some of the approximations that experience for use and care is taken to split sound arguments from conjecture. This publication is written for the scholar of theoretical physics who desires to paintings within the box of solids and for the experimenter with a data of quantum concept who's now not content material to take different people's arguments with no consideration.

Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

In attempting to comprehend the atom, physicists equipped quantum mechanics, the main profitable conception in technological know-how and the foundation of one-third of our financial system. they discovered, to their embarrassment, that with their concept, physics encounters recognition. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner clarify all this in non-technical phrases with aid from a few fanciful tales and anecdotes in regards to the theory's builders.

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