By Ali Peiravi - XKP

We thank God the Almighty for the chance granted to us to adopt the instruction of IMAM REZA'S PILGRIMAGE systems AND PRAYERS. Imam Reza (MGB)1 is the 8th Immaculate chief of Muslims from the progeny of Muhammad the Prophet of God (MGB). Imam Ali ibn Musa referred to as al-Reza was once often referred to as Abal-Hassan. He used to be born in Medina on Thursday, eleventh Dhu'l Qi'dah 148 A.H. (765 A.D.). He used to be poisoned by way of alMa'mun on the age of fifty five in Mashhad on Tuesday, seventh Saffar 203 A.H. (818 A.D.) and buried in Mashhad.



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You suffered any calamities that came about you because of being on His aspect. You demonstrated the prayers. You paid the alms-tax. You prompt to do/What is true, and also you admonished opposed to doing what's wrong. You struggled within the method of God within the most sensible demeanour till you made His name public, clarified what He has made compulsory, validated His Limits. Wanashartum Sharaa'i'a Ah'kaamih, Wasanantum Stennatah, Was'irtum cost Dhaalika Minhu Ilar-Rid'aa, Wasallamtum Lahul-Qad'aa, Was'addaqtum Min Rusulihee guy Mad'aa, struggle Raaghibu, 'Ankum Maariq, Wal-Laazimu Lakum Laah'iq, Wal Muqas's'iru rate H'aqqikum Zaahiq, Wal-H'aqqu Ma'akum Wa Feekum Waminkum Wa Ilaykum, Wa Antum Ahluhoo Wa Masclinuh, You multiplied His Jurisprudence and obviously expressed His Traditions. You went to Him and in so doing you submitted to what He destined and stated His formerly despatched Messengers. for that reason whoever turns clear of you is an apostate, and whoever remains with you joins you. Whoever neglects your rights will perish. the fact is with you, in you, from you, and is going in the direction of you. you're the humans of the reality, and its treasure. Wameeraathun-Nubuwwati 'Indakum, Wa Iyaabul-Khalqi Ilaykum, Wah'isaabuhum 'Alaykum, Wafas'lul-Khit'aabi 'Indakum, Wa Aayaatullaahi Ladaykum, Wa 'Azaalmuhoo Feekum, Wanooruhoo Waburhaanuhoo 'Indakum, Wa Amruhoo Ilaykum, guy Waalaakum Faqad Waalal-Laah, Wa guy 'Aadaakum Faqad 'Aadal-Laah, Waman Ah'abbakum Faqad Ah'abbal-Laah, Waman Abghad'akum Faqad Abghad'al-Laah, Wamani'tas'ama Bikum Faqadi'-Tas'ama Billaah. The inheritance of the Prophets is with you. The go back of the folk is to you, their reckoning is with you, and the elucidation of the message is performed by means of you. The verses of God are with you, and His Obedience is finished by way of you. His gentle and facts are with you. His Decrees are entrusted to you. Whoever is your buddy is certainly God's pal. Whoever is your enemy is certainly the enemy of God. Whoever loves you certainly loves God. Whoever adheres to you has certainly adhered to God. Wantumus'-S'iraat'ul-Aqwam, Was-Sabeelul-A'zham, Wa Shuhadaa'U Daaril-Fanaa, Washufa'aa'U Daaril-Baqaa, struggle Rah'matul-Maws'oolah, Wal-Aayatul-Makhzoonah, Wal Amaanatul-Mah foozhah, Wal-Baabul-Mubtalaa Bihin-Naas, guy Ataakum Najaa, Waman Lam Ya'Tikum Halak, Ilal Laahi Tad-'oon, Wa Tadulloon, Wabihee TumMinoon, Walahoo Tusallimoon, WabrAmrihee Ta'maloon, Wa Ilaa Sabeelihee Turshidoon, Wabiqawlihee Tah'kumoon. you're the so much direct direction in the direction of God. you're the witnesses during this ephemeral dwelling house, and are those who intercede within the everlasting home. you're the continous mercy, the kept symptoms, and the safe trusteeship. you're the gate by which individuals are established. Whoever involves you is kept, and whoever doesn't will get destroyed. You name unto God, and cause on His Behalf. you suspect in Him, undergo Him, act based on His Decrees and direct us in the direction of His direction. You rule in keeping with His phrases. Sa'ida guy Waalaakum, Wahalaka guy 'Aadaakum, Wakhaaba guy Jah'adakum, Wad'alla guy Faaraqakum, Wafaaza guy Tamassaka Bikum, Wa Amina guy Laja'A Ilaykum, Wasalima guy S'addagakum, Wahudiya Mani'- Tas'ama Bikum, Maint-Taba'akum Fal-Jannatu Ma'waah, Waman Khaalafakum Fan-Naaru Mathwaah, Waman Jah'adakum Kaafir, Waman H'aarabakum Mushrik, Waman Radda 'Alaykum price Asfali Darkin Minal-Jah'eem.

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