By Joseph Dan

In Kabbalah: a truly brief Introduction, Joseph Dan, one of many world's top gurus on Jewish mysticism, deals a concise and hugely actual examine the historical past and personality of many of the structures built via the adherents of the Kabbalah.

Dan sheds mild at the many misconceptions approximately what Kabbalah is and isn't--including its connections to magic, astronomy, alchemy, and numerology--and he illuminates the connection among Kaballah and Christianity at the one hand and New Age faith at the different. The publication presents interesting historic heritage, starting from the magical teams that flourished in historic Judaism within the East, and the medieval colleges of Kabbalah in Northern Spain and Southern France, to the widening progress of Kabbalah in the course of the institution of Isaac Luria of Safed within the 16th century, to the main powerful and influential sleek Jewish spiritual circulation, Hasidism, and its use of kabbalistic language in its preaching. The booklet examines the foremost old texts of this custom, together with the Sefer Yezira or "Book of Creation," The e-book of Bahir, and the Zohar. Dan explains Midrash, the classical Jewish exegesis of scriptures, which assumes an infinity of meanings for each biblical verse, and he concludes with a short survey of scholarship within the box and an inventory of books for extra reading.

Embraced by means of celebrities and built-in in lots of modern non secular phenomena, Kabbalah has reaped a wealth of realization within the press. yet many critics argue that the shape of Kabbalah practiced in Hollywood is extra New Age pabulum than real culture. Can there be a good function for the Kabbalah within the modern quest for spirituality?

In Kabbalah, Joseph Dan debunks the myths surrounding glossy Kabbalistic perform, supplying a fascinating and loyal account of this conventional Jewish non secular phenomenon and its impression open air of Judaism.

About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and elegance, Very brief Introductions provide an advent to a couple of life's finest themes. Written through specialists for the newcomer, they reveal the best modern pondering the critical difficulties and matters in hundreds of thousands of key subject matters, from philosophy to Freud, quantum thought to Islam.

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