Lucifer - Treurspel is gifted the following in a top quality paperback version. This renowned vintage paintings by means of Joost van den Vondel is within the Dutch language, and will no longer contain images or photographs from the unique version. when you benefit from the works of Joost van den Vondel then we hugely suggest this ebook to your e-book assortment.

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The following, Beelzebub fought on; there – Belial – Their power, besides the fact that, vanished with the autumn Of Lucifer. The crescent’s bow snapped sheer! but did Apollion once again seem With each monster Heaven’s globe includes: Orion, set on beating out our brains, Brandished his membership and bellowed many a hazard – yet neither sizeable nor cudgel triggered us be troubled! the good and Little Bears on tip-toe sway, Hoping to kill us of their clumsy approach, whereas fifty-throated Hydra poison spews. i will foresee a gallery of martial perspectives, Culled from this conflict and our victories! a hundred and forty RAPHAEL: upon your knees! compliment ye the Lord! provide thank you unfortunately, for Lucifer and belief lost! How does he glance now, ultimately disgraced: Whither that glory, as soon as surpassing brilliant? URIEL: evening, As while transparent day succumbs to darkest sunlight having set, so gold forgets to polish – therefore did his good looks, as he fell, decline. A hateful transformation happened: That noble visage grew a massive snout, With fangs that iron bars may possibly good have gnawed. His palms and toes have been talons multi-clawed; as soon as pristine pores and skin, a disguise of scaly black, whereas dragon-wings sprang from his bristly again! Lucifer, honoured as soon as by means of all his type thoroughly replaced and 7 beasts mixed, in a single foul form that reflected all their characteristics: 141 The lion’s satisfaction, the Glutton’s swinish methods, The donkey’s Sloth, the rhinoceros mad with Ire, The ape fed on with Lust and lewd hope – either fore and aft, indecent and obscene – The dragon resentful; the wolf, surpassing suggest. What as soon as used to be fair’s now horrid and defiled, To be via Angels, God and guy – reviled! Spying himself, the Monster sought to cloak His grotesque countenance in steam and smoke! RAPHAEL: usurp His Seat! hence God rebukes these who’d What of Apollion? URIEL: Seeing the tide retreat With Lucifer’s fall, he and the others fled. Heaven’s artillery, firing from overhead. With crashing thunder, lightning flickering white, Contrived to hurry the Monsters of their flight And revelled of their rout. Whirlwind and squalling 142 Rain beat on their backs! What caterwauling! How brisk the flood-tide ran! Our forces blest by way of God, randomly extraordinary, onwards pressed, whereas they, forlorn, tried to flee. What desolation broke as they replaced form – physique and soul! We heard their barks and roars, The howls and yelps of creatures on all fours And, as they fled, Hell-bent, what dire grimaces Disfigured all these as soon as angelic faces! yet right here comes Michael, with the spoils of battle – An Angel-Chorus marching on prior to, Strewing the victor’s laurels, chanting compliment, whereas cymbals, shawm and drum their voices elevate! input ANGEL refrain, MICHAEL. refrain: Of him all benefits bathe, Who fought the godless strength – And his could, and his correct, and his common 143 Laid low and compelled to cower! Who reached for God’s excessive Throne Has now been overthrown – along with his could, into evening, he’s been banished. Now shines God’s identify on my own! Fierce burned the insurgent blaze yet Michael, whom we compliment, each flame, in God’s identify, did extinguish.

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