By Maud W. Gleason

The careers of 2 renowned second-century rhetorical virtuosos supply Maud Gleason attention-grabbing insights into the methods old Romans built masculinity in the course of a time marked via nervousness over manly deportment. Declamation was once an exciting paintings shape for the Greeks and bilingual Romans of the second one Sophistic circulate, and its most sensible practitioners might commute the empire acting in entrance of enraptured audiences. The mastery of rhetoric marked the transition to manhood for all aristocratic electorate and remained the most important to a man's social status. In treating rhetoric as a means of self-presentation in a face-to-face society, Gleason analyzes the deportment and writings of the 2 Sophists--Favorinus, a eunuch, and Polemo, a guy who met traditional gender expectations--to recommend the methods personality and gender have been perceived.

Physiognomical texts of the period convey how closely males scrutinized each other for minute indicators of gender deviance in such good points as gait, gesture, facial features, and voice. Rhetoricians informed to strengthen those features in a "masculine" style. analyzing the profitable profession of Favorinus, whose high-pitched voice and florid presentation contrasted sharply with the traditionalist kind of Polemo, Gleason indicates, notwithstanding, that excellent masculine habit was once no longer a monolithic abstraction. In a hugely available examine treating the semiotics of deportment and the clinical, cultural, and ethical concerns surrounding rhetorical task, she explores the chances of self-presentation within the look for popularity as a speaker and a man.

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