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Boldface shows a notice root or combining shape. Blue shows a suffix. crimson shows a prefix. Visceral pleura Parietal pleura . 3971_Ch04_107-154 13/02/14 11:34 AM web page 127 breathing procedure • idea or inhalation ĭn-spĭ-RĀ-shŭn, ĭn-hă-LĀ-shŭn expiration or exhalation ĕks-pĭ-RĀ-shŭn, ĕks-hă-LĀ-shŭn inter/cost/al ĭn-tĕr-KŎS-tăl 127 C HAPT E R four 4–84 establish phrases in determine 4–6 that suggest means of respiring air into the lungs: out of the lungs: 4–85 in the course of proposal, the diaphragm and the inter/cost/al muscular tissues agreement. As their identify implies, the muscle groups among adjoining ribs are often called the / / muscle groups. 4–86 study determine 4–6A and B and use the time period ascends or descends to com- descends plete this body. ascends in the course of proposal (or inhalation), the diaphragm . in the course of expiration (or exhalation), the diaphragm 4–87 remember that aer/o is the CF for air . . 4–88 Aer/o/phobia is an apprehension of air, drafts of air, airborne affects, or “bad air” aer/o/phobia ĕr-ō-FŌ-bē-ă (body odor). The scientific observe that implies worry of air is / A. thought: Air drawn into lungs Sternocleidomastoid muscle elevates sternum Pectoralis minor muscle tissues agreement Lungs extend / . B. Expiration: Air compelled out of lungs Pectoralis minor muscle tissues chill out Lungs agreement Intercostal muscular tissues sit back Intercostal muscle groups agreement Diaphragm relaxes and strikes up Diaphragm contracts and flattens A B determine 4-6 place of the diaphragm in the course of (A) notion and (B) expiration. body 4–77 to border 4–88 3971_Ch04_107-154 13/02/14 11:34 AM web page 128 128 CH APTER four • respiration process hem/o/phobia hē-mō-FŌ-bē-ă 4–89 mix hem/o and -phobia to shape a observe that implies worry of blood: / / 4–90 even supposing the CFs muc/o and myc/o glance comparable, they've got various muc/o myc/o air, lung fungus irregular meanings. be sure the CF that suggests mucus: / fungus: / 4–91 learn pneumon/o/myc/osis via defining the notice parts. pneumon/o: or myc: osis: 4–92 continual bronch/itis is an irritation of the bronchi that persists for a persistent bronch/itis brŏng-KĪ-tĭs very long time. This pulmon/ary affliction is usually brought on by cigarette smoking and is characterised through elevated construction of mucus and obstruction of respiration passages. Bronch/itis can be of brief period, but if it persists for a very long time, it can be a extra critical pulmon/ary ailment referred to as / . 4–93 continual bronch/itis ends up in expectoration of mucus, sputum, or fluids bronchi/al BRŎNG-kē-ăl bronch/itis brŏng-KĪ-tĭs via coughing or spitting. Use bronchi/o to construct a time period that implies touching on the bronchi: / Use bronch/o to construct a time period that implies irritation of the bronchi: / 4–94 Pneumon/ia is lung irritation as a result of micro organism, an endemic, or chemical bronch/o pneumon -ia irritants. a few pneumon/ias have an effect on just one lobe of the lung (lobar pneumon/ia). Others, akin to bronch/o/pneumon/ia, contain the lungs and bronchi/oles. determine components in bronch/o/pneumon/ia that suggest bronchus: / air; lung: : bronch/o/pneumon/ia brong-kō-nū-MŌ-nē-ă 4–95 a kind of pneumon/ia that comprises the lungs and bronchi/oles is termed / / Boldface exhibits a notice root or combining shape.

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