By Norman Maurer


Netty in Action introduces the Netty framework and indicates you ways to include it into your Java community purposes. you will learn how to write hugely scalable purposes with no the necessity to dive into the low-level non-blocking APIs on the center of Java.

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About the Technology

Netty is a Java-based networking framework that manages complicated networking, multithreading, and concurrency on your functions. And Netty hides the boilerplate and low-level code, preserving your small business good judgment separate and more straightforward to reuse. With Netty, you get an easy-to-use API, leaving you unfastened to target what is specified in your application.

About the Book

Netty in Action introduces the Netty framework and exhibits you the way to include it into your Java community functions. you'll find the best way to write hugely scalable functions with no stepping into low-level APIs. The ebook teaches you to imagine in an asynchronous approach as you're employed via its many hands-on examples and is helping you grasp the easiest practices of establishing large-scale community apps.

What's Inside

  • Netty from the floor up
  • Asynchronous, event-driven programming
  • Implementing companies utilizing various protocols
  • Covers Netty 4.x

About the Reader

This ebook assumes readers are happy with Java and uncomplicated community architecture.

About the Authors

Norman Maurer is a senior software program engineer at Apple and a center developer of Netty. Marvin Wolfthal is a Dell prone advisor who has carried out mission-critical company structures utilizing Netty.

Table of Contents

  1. Netty-asynchronous and event-driven
  2. Your first Netty application
  3. Netty parts and design
  4. Transports
  5. ByteBuf
  6. ChannelHandler and ChannelPipeline
  7. EventLoop and threading model
  8. Bootstrapping
  9. Unit testing
  11. The codec framework
  12. Provided ChannelHandlers and codecs
  13. PART three community PROTOCOLS

  14. WebSocket
  15. Broadcasting occasions with UDP
  17. Case experiences, half 1
  18. Case reviews, half 2

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Extra info for Netty in Action

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A ServerChannel is created whilst bind() is termed. ServerBootstrap bind(... ) a brand new Channel is created through the ServerChannel while a connection is approved. ServerChannel Channel Channel Channel Channel determine eight. three ServerBootstrap and ServerChannel The code during this directory implements the server bootstrapping proven in determine eight. three. directory eight. four Bootstrapping a server Creates a ServerBootstrap Specifies the Channel implementation for use units the EventLoopGroup NioEventLoopGroup staff = new NioEventLoopGroup(); that offers EventLoops for ServerBootstrap bootstrap = new ServerBootstrap(); processing Channel occasions bootstrap. group(group) . channel(NioServerSocketChannel. classification) . childHandler(new SimpleChannelInboundHandler() { @Override safe void channelRead0(ChannelHandlerContext ctx, ByteBuf byteBuf) throws Exception { procedure. out. println("Received data"); } } ); units a ChannelInboundHandler for I/O and knowledge for the authorised channels authorized to Thomas Snead 115 Bootstrapping consumers from a Channel ChannelFuture destiny = bootstrap. bind(new InetSocketAddress(8080)); destiny. addListener(new ChannelFutureListener() { @Override public void operationComplete(ChannelFuture channelFuture) throws Exception { if (channelFuture. isSuccess()) { process. out. println("Server bound"); } else { method. err. println("Bound test failed"); channelFuture. cause(). printStackTrace(); } } } ); eight. four Binds the channel with the configured bootstrap Bootstrapping consumers from a Channel consider your server is processing a shopper request that calls for it to behave as a shopper to a 3rd method. this may occur while an software, comparable to a proxy server, has to combine with an organization’s latest platforms, comparable to internet providers or databases. In such situations you’ll have to bootstrap a consumer Channel from a ServerChannel. you'll create a brand new Bootstrap as defined in part eight. 2. 1, yet this isn't the best answer, because it will require you to outline one other EventLoop for the recent customer Channel. this is able to produce extra threads, necessitating context switching while changing facts among the authorised Channel and the customer Channel. a greater resolution is to proportion the EventLoop of the authorized Channel through passing it to the group() approach to the Bootstrap. simply because all Channels assigned to an EventLoop use an identical thread, this avoids the additional thread construction and similar context-switching pointed out formerly. This sharing answer is illustrated in determine eight. four. ServerBootstrap creates a brand new ServerChannel whilst bind() is named. ServerBootstrap Channel Channel created for an permitted connection. ServerChannel accepts new connections and creates baby channels to serve them. bind(... ) ServerChannel Bootstrap connect(... ) EventLoop New Channel hooked up to the distant peer. Channel Bootstrap created through the Channel will create a brand new Channel whilst connect() is termed. EventLoop shared among the Channel created through the ServerChannel and the Channel created by means of connect().

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