By Edward Albee

During this black comedy a tender couple who're head over heels in love with one another, have a baby - the ideal relations - that's, till an older couple thieve the child. via a sequence of brain video games and manipulations, they name into query either couples' feel of fact and fiction, pleasure and sorrow.

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Using someplace you’d by no means been sooner than, that used to be it; that began all of it. (Smells arms of either palms back) Ahhh! How issues fade—memories, photo-memories occasionally, final, notwithstanding, frequently. odor. (Spells it) S…C…E…N…T. (Sad now) All fades, all dissolves, and we're left with … invention; reinvention. i ponder how I’ll keep in mind (Gestures approximately him) all of this? yet, on account that I’m now not there yet—so to speak—have now not, haven’t remembered it … (brisk) good, first we invent, after which we reinvent. As with the earlier so the future—reality, as they laughingly name it? Who used to be it stated “Our reality—or something—is made up our minds by way of our want? The higher want ideas the sport? ” the truth? i assume that used to be me. All these “naaaahs” prior to? have in mind the “naaaahs”? only a trick. be aware of this, what’s actual and what isn’t is a difficult company, no? What’s genuine and what isn’t? difficult. Do you keep on with? definite? No? solid. (Shrugs) Whichever. (Begins to go out) lady. (As guy exits, degree left, girl enters level correct, quite quickly; sees guy exiting. ) lady (After exiting guy) Wait; wait! (He exits) Am I overdue? (To viewers now) Am I late!? Am I on time!? (BOY enters, donning a towel in simple terms; girl sees him) lady (To BOY; involved) Am I overdue? BOY (Mildly questioned) hi? girl hi. Am I past due? BOY (Matter-of-fact) I wouldn’t be aware of. (Afterthought) could I? girl (Fretful) I don’t recognize! BOY (Wipes his mouth; licks his lips; smiles) I’ve been mountaineering. lady (Overly shiny) have you ever! BOY certain. girl You hardly ever look dressed for it. BOY (Looks at his towel) Oh, I positioned this on … placed it round me. lady (Tiny pause as BOY doesn’t proceed) Oh? Aha! (Pause) the place? the place did you set it on? I don’t suggest round your waist; I suggest … the place? BOY (Points left, over his shoulder) In there. girl No, I suggest … (Pause) Aha. (Pause) have you learnt who i'm? BOY No. girl Aha. (Pause) Are you definite? BOY I’m now not? lady Aha. (Silence) climbing? BOY (Recalling; eyes closed, maybe? ) It’s all jungle as you approach—well, as you think it: hot, hotter, wet; yet you progress via it, prior all that, finally, reluctantly, in fact; you’re bobbing up from the south—from below—and you notice them up forward, looming, yet there's a lot to get via first, as I acknowledged, within the jungle there—the ridges, and the nice declivity. God! , and it’s so sizzling and wet and … and … exciting, and … lady I’ve by no means performed it. BOY (Looks at her oddly) Oh? (Considers it) good, rather not likely; now not too many girls do … what? Ten percentage? I suggest: I don’t be aware of you. (Afterthought) Do I? (Answers his personal query) No; no, I don’t imagine I do. So, no, you could now not have—certainly no longer those; on no account. (Holds invisible melons towards her; on along with his tale) And … do you brain if i am getting hyperbolic right here? much more hyperbolic? lady (Cautious) I don’t … imagine so. BOY much more than i've been? I didn’t imagine you'll. And there are the deep ravines, and the ridges, and there are lots of temptations! good, one in particular—two! Two!! and also you do cease there in your climb, in your ascent.

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