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F. 5]. eleven. Robert Boyle’s equipment, together with his air pump. From Leonard Coles’ The e-book of Chemical Discovery, 1933. 12. scan performed at Magdeburg, in Germany, in 1654. From von Guericke’s Experimenta Nova, 1672. Courtesy of the technology & Society photograph Library. thirteen. name web page from Robert Boyle’s The Sceptical Chymist, 1661. 14. A louse. From Hooke’s Micrographia, 1664. 15. Newton’s telescope. From Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1672. sixteen. Hevelius calculating superstar positions utilizing a sextant. From Hevelius’s Machina Coelestis, 1673. Courtesy of AKG London. 17. Newton’s comic strip of the orbit of the comet visible in 1680. 18. A web page from Newton’s papers and letters on common Philosophy. college Library, Cambridge [shelfmark MS upload. 3965, ff. ninety four, 95]. 19. A web page from Carl Linannaeus’s Såsom Naturforskare Och Läkare, 1746. 20. identify web page of the Systema Naturae, 1740. 21. The Newcomen engine. picture courtesy Fotomas Index. 22. Watt’s steam engine. photograph courtesy Fotomas Index. 23. Lavoisier’s scan on human respiratory. From Grimaux’s Lavoisier, 1743–1794, 1888. 24. identify web page of Lavoisier’s Traité Élémentaire de Chimie, 1789. 25. Demonstration of how electrical energy passes via dwelling humans and corpses. From Watson’s Experiments and Observations, 1748. Courtesy of the technological know-how & Society photo Library. 26. Luigi Galvani’s experiments with electrical energy and frogs’ legs. From De Viribies Electricitatis in Motu Mascalari, 1791. Courtesy of the technological know-how & Society photo Library. 27. Volta’s letter to the Royal Society, 1800. Courtesy of the technological know-how & Society photo Library. 28. caricature of Santorini, from Lyell’s rules of Geology, quantity 2, 1868. 29. Drawing of HMS Beagle, from Darwin’s magazine of Researches, 1845. 30. Dalton’s symbols for the chemical parts. Courtesy of the technological know-how & Society photo Library. 31. Mendeleyev’s early model of the desk of the weather, 1871. Courtesy of the technological know-how & Society photo Library. 32. Young’s drawings exhibiting how gentle waves propagate. From Young’s A direction on typical Philosophy and Mechanical Arts, 1807. 33. Faraday lecturing on the Royal establishment. From The Illustrated London information, 1846. 34. Bullard’s computer-aided healthy of the continents ahead of the outlet of the Atlantic. From John Gribbin’s Our altering Planet, 1977. 35. Röntgen’s X-ray of his wife’s hand, exhibiting her marriage ceremony ring, 1895. Courtesy of AKG London. 36. Rutherford’s diagram exhibiting how alpha debris are deflected once they cross just about a heavy nucleus. From Rutherford’s a more recent Alchemy, 1937. 37. Gregor Mendel, 1880. From Hugo Iltis’s lifetime of Mendel, 1932. 38. A diagram illustrating a side of Mendel’s paper on heredity. 39. Watson, Crick and their version of a molecule of DNA, 1951. Courtesy of the technological know-how picture Library. forty. The Hertzprung–Russel diagram bearing on the brightness of a celebrity to its color. Courtesy of the technology picture Library. forty-one. Optical photo of the globular famous person cluster NGC 362. Courtesy of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh/Science photograph Library. Acknowledgements i'm thankful to the subsequent associations for offering entry to their libraries and different fabric: Académie Française and Jardin des Plantes, Paris; Bodleian Library, Oxford; British Museum and traditional background Museum, London; Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge; Geological Society, London; Down condo, Kent; Linnaean Society, London; Royal Astronomical Society; Royal Geographical Society; Royal establishment; Trinity university, Dublin; collage of Cambridge Library.

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