In this unheard of selection of technology fiction and fable quotations, the reader revisits the beautiful second while Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein monster first involves existence; witnesses the transformation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde; is current while Bruce Wayne resolves to turn into Batman; and overhears the cosmic conclusions of The fabulous Shrinking guy. Drawing upon centuries of the big and provocative literature of technology fiction and myth, this complete e-book provides greater than 2,900 quotations from wide-ranging assets, together with technology fiction and delusion tales, novels, movies, and tv programs.
The quotations are prepared by means of topic—alien worlds; darkness and light-weight; robots, androids, and cyborgs; machines and know-how; guns; and multiple hundred others. The reader will come upon the wit and knowledge of well known authors (H. G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, J. R. R. Tolkien, Ursula okay. Le Guin) besides definitive models of such vital statements as Isaac Asimov’s 3 legislation of Robotics and Star Trek’s top Directive.
With its thorough index, this ebook is either a useful source for the author or student and an impossible to resist page-turner for the curious browser.

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Simak, ‘‘Shadow of Life’’ (1943) There they cross, off to Mars, only for the trip, pondering that they are going to find a planet like a seer’s crystal, during which to learn a astonishing destiny. What they’ll find, as a substitute, is the slightly shopworn photo of themselves. Mars is a reflect, now not a crystal. —Ray Bradbury, ‘‘A Few Notes at the Martian Chronicles’’ (1950) [First phrases stated at the Moon:] through the grace of God, and the identify of the U.S. of the USA, I take ownership of this planet on behalf of, and for the benefit of, all mankind. —Robert A. Heinlein, Rip von Ronkel, and James O’Hanlon, vacation spot Moon (film, 1950) I knew what it was once prefer to stroll on alien soil. —Leigh Brackett, ‘‘The lady from Altair’’ (1951) Alien worlds have alien principles, you both research quick or certainly not. —Michael Shaara, ‘‘The Holes’’ (1954) Tseng 2005. 6. three 07:21 It used to be a clean younger global, Hubert proposal unfortunately; a virgin global, ready innocently for the first immigrants to despoil it; ready, like a tender and 10 7327 Westfahl / technological know-how FICTION QUOTATIONS / sheet 35 of 487 Alien Worlds gentle lady, to be picked up at the stellar road and offered into galactic prostitution. —Robert F. younger, ‘‘Report at the Sexual habit on Arcturus X’’ (1954) The Lord definite makes a few appealing worlds. —Cyril Hume, Forbidden Planet (film, 1956) each global was once a miracle, in the event that your eyes have been more than enough. —Chad Oliver, ‘‘North Wind’’ (1956) They have been an unlimited ancient landscape [of Mars], clockwise round the room. a gaggle of skin-clad savages squatting round a fire. Hunters with bows and spears, wearing the carcass of an animal a little bit like a pig. Nomads driving long-legged, swish mounts like hornless deer. Peasants sowing and reaping; mud-walled hut villages, and towns; processions of clergymen and warriors; battles with swords and bows, and with cannon and muskets; galleys, and ships with sails, and ships with out noticeable technique of propulsion, and airplane. altering costumes and guns and machines and kinds of structure. A richly fertile panorama, steadily merging into barren deserts and bushlands—the time of the good planet-wide drought. The Canal developers— males with machines recognizable as steam-shovels and derricks, digging and quarrying and riding around the empty plains with aquaducts [sic]. extra cities—seaports at the shrinking oceans; dwindling, half-deserted towns; an deserted urban, with 4 tiny humanoid figures and a specific thing like a combatcar in the midst of a brush-grown plaza, they and their automobile dwarfed by way of the large useless constructions round them. [. . . ] ‘‘Wonderful! ’’ von Ohlmhorst used to be announcing. ‘‘The complete historical past of this race. ’’ —H. Beam Piper, ‘‘Omnilingual’’ (1957) Tseng 2005. 6. three 07:21 bad outdated Dim stored taking a look up on the stars and planets and the Luna together with his rot broad open like a child who’d by no means viddied the sort of factor ahead of, and he acknowledged: ‘‘What’s on them, i ponder. What will be up there on such things as that? ’’ I nudged him difficult, asserting: ‘‘Come, gloopy bastard as thou artwork. imagine thou no longer on them.

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