By John Sellars

One of the preferred of the Hellenistic colleges of philosophy in antiquity, Stoicism flourished for a few years and has remained a relentless presence through the heritage of Western philosophy. Its doctrines appealed to humans from all strata of historic society-from the slave Epictetus to the emperor Marcus Aurelius. This booklet offers a lucid, entire creation to this nice philosophical tuition. It supplies an outline of the heritage of the college, covers its philosophy as a method, and explores the 3 major branches of Stoic concept. John Sellars contains ancient info at the lifestyles and works of the traditional Stoic philosophers and summaries, analyses, and value determinations in their significant doctrines in common sense, physics, and ethics. He additionally incorporates a interesting account of the Stoic legacy from later antiquity to the current. the quantity contains a word list and chronology, which, including its available but authoritative method, makes it the right selection for college students, students, and normal readers drawn to what Stoicism has intended, either philosophically and traditionally, for western civilization.

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