By Robert J. Schwalb, Jesse Decker

Elves a section boring? Dwarves drained? people bland? Halflings not any fun?

What you would like are the complicated Race Codex PDFs from eco-friendly Ronin Publishing. those e-books improve and extend your thoughts, bringing new methods, talents, and instruments to make personality races greater than only a selection of ability bonuses and talents. Drawn from the superior of eco-friendly Ronin's Races of Renown sequence, the complicated Race Codex sequence compiles and revises your whole favourite races.

The first interesting PDF free up from the complicated Race Codex is Dwarves, which revises and 3.5 updates the easiest fabric from eco-friendly Ronin's critically-acclaimed Hammer & Helm sourcebook. Loaded with feats, spells, status periods, subraces, and masses extra, your third period video games are sure to cross into overdrive. inside of, you'll find:

* dwarf subraces: the eldoran (arcane dwarves) and isen (arctic dwarves).
* dozen feats, comparable to earth harmonics and mystic endurance.
* 5 status periods, together with the acolyte of the Crystal course and the mountain's fury devotee.
* Dozens of spells, from acid shape to will of the body.

Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves has simply what you want to upload new intensity to this myth staple.

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Bonus Feats: The epic shardbrother earnings an advantage feat each five degrees past tenth (15th, twentieth, and so on). those feats could be any feats for which the nature qualifies. Ironbound The ironbound commit themselves to getting to know the protecting features of the armor they put on, embodying the philosophy that if you can't be conquer, you want to finally succeed. working example that dwarven armor can cease almost any blow, the ironbound shrug off assaults others may perhaps by no means get over. contributors of this status category usually function last-ditch protecting forces in huge dwarven towns. stories of heroism fill the annals of the ironbound, and so they hold those like a regular. for each dwarf hero who accomplished a determined quest, the ironbound can cite a stalwart who kept innocents by means of refusing to yield passage. within the tight confines of a dwarven stronghold, one decided ironbound defender sheathed in strong dwarven armor can carry off a massive variety of attackers. warring parties, paladins, and clerics turn into ironbound even more usually than contributors of alternative sessions. Hit Die: d10. To qualify to turn into an ironbound, a personality needs to fulfill the entire following standards. Race: Dwarf Base assault Bonus: +5. ability: Craft (armorsmithing) five ranks. Feats: Armor Proficiency (heavy), unique Armor Proficiency (any). category talents The ironbound’s category talents (and the foremost skill for every ability) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), deal with Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), bounce (Str), journey (Wis), and Swim (Str). See bankruptcy 4: abilities within the PHB for ability descriptions. ability issues at each one point: 2 + Int modifier. category good points all the following are type good points of the ironbound status category. complex Race Codex: Dwarves A monk who turns into an acolyte of the Crystal direction might proceed to strengthen as a monk. specifications Weapon and Armor skillability Ironbound achieve no proficiency with guns, yet are proficient with all armor and all shields (including tower shields). unique Armor talent beginning at 1st point and each degrees thereafter, an ironbound earnings the unique Armor Proficiency feat for a brand new form of unique armor. See web page eight for info at the feat and web page 30 for varieties of unique armor. prepared guard (Ex) At 1st point, the ironbound can installation a stowed safeguard as a speedy motion. Maximize Armor (Ex) The ironbound understands tips to layer and put on armor to accomplish greatest protection. at any time when he wears armor, his armor bonus raises via +2 at 2d point, via +3 at fifth point, and through +4 at eighth point. This maximized bonus can't exceed two times the armor’s present bonus. For an instance, padded armor (armor bonus +1) may perhaps merely be elevated to a greatest +2. Armored domestic (Ex) At third point, the ironbound can sleep in armor of any weight with out turning into fatigued. 15 Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves castle of 1 (Ex) Armored Will (Su) At 4th point, the ironbound turns into specifically expert in protecting fighting. at any time when he's taking the complete security motion, he earnings a +6 steer clear of bonus to AC rather than the conventional +4 bonus. If he additionally has five ranks or extra within the Tumble ability, the bonus raises to +8.

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