The writings of the Apostolic Fathers provide a wealthy and numerous photo of Christian lifestyles and notion within the interval instantly after New testomony occasions. a few of them have been accorded virtually Scriptural authority within the early Church. This new Loeb version of those crucial texts displays present idiom and the newest scholarship.

Here are the Letters of Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, one of the most famed files of early Christianity; those letters, addressing center theological questions, have been written to a part dozen diverse congregations whereas Ignatius used to be en path to Rome as a prisoner, condemned to die within the wild-beast area. additionally during this assortment is a letter to the Philippian church by way of Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna and pal of Ignatius, in addition to an account of Polycarp's martyrdom. There are numerous different types of texts within the Apostolic Fathers assortment, representing diversified non secular outlooks. The handbook referred to as the Didache units forth precepts for spiritual guideline, worship, and ministry. The Epistle of Barnabas searches the outdated testomony, the Jewish Bible, for testimony in help of Christianity and opposed to Judaism. essentially the most broadly learn within the early Christian centuries used to be The Shepherd of Hermas, a booklet of revelations that develops a doctrine of repentance.

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A C : ~ L S όντως A S: om. Η L C τάς προ ημών γενεάς A S C: τονς προ ημών Η L seventy one FIRST C L E M E N T 20 20 Οι ουρανοί τή διοικήσει αντον σαλενόμενοι iv ειρήνη υποτάσσονται αντω. 2. ήμερα τε και ννζ τον τεταγμενον νπ' αντον δρόμον διανύονσιν, μηδέν άλλήλοις εμποδίζοντα. three. ήλιος τε και σελήνη, αστέρων τε χοροί κατά τήν διαταγήν αντον εν ομόνοια δίχα πάσης παρεκβάσεως εζελίσσονσιν τονς επιτεταγμενονς αντοΐς ορισμούς. four. γή κνοφορούσα κατά το θέλημα αυτού τοΐς ιδίοις καιροΐς τήν πανπληθή άνθρώποις τε καϊ θηρσϊν καϊ πάσιν τοΐς ονσιν επ' αυτής ζώοις ανατέλλει τροφήν, μή διχοστατούσα μηδε άλλοιούσά τι τών δεδογματισμένων ύπ' αυτού. five. άβνσσων τε ανεξιχνίαστα καϊ νερτερων ανεκδι­ ήγητα κλίματα τοΐς αύτοΐς σννεχεται προστάγμασιν. 6. τό κύτος τής άπειρον θαλάσσης κατά τήν δημιονργίαν αυτού σνσταθεν εις τάς σνναγωγάς ού παρεκβαίνει τά περιτεθειμενα αύτη κλείθρα, άλλα καθώς διεταζεν αύτη, ούτως ποιεί. 7. εΐπεν γάρ· εως ώδε ήξεις, καϊ τά κύματα σον εν σοι σνντριβήσεται. eight. ωκεανός απέραντος άνθρώποις καϊ οί μετ αύτον κόσμοι ταΐς αύταΐς ταγαΐς τού δεσπότον διενθύνονται. nine. καιροί εαρινοί καϊ θερινοί καϊ μετοπωρινοϊ καϊ χειμερινοί εν ειρήνη μεταπαραδιδόασιν άλλήλοις. 10. άνεμων σταθμοί κατά τον ΐδιον καιρόν τήν λειτονργίαν αυτών άπροσκόπως επιτελούσιν άεναοί τε πηγαί, προς άπόλανσιν καϊ ύγείαν δημιονργηθείσαι, δίχα ελλείψεως παρέχονται τούς προς ζωής άνθρώ35 seventy two FIRST C L E M E N T 20 20 The heavens, which stream approximately lower than his administration, are peacefully topic to him. 2. Day and evening whole the racecourse laid out through him, with no impeding one an­ different the least bit. three. solar and moon and the refrain of stars roll alongside the tracks which were appointed to them, in concord, by no means crossing their traces, according to the association he has made. four. by way of his will and within the right seasons, the fertile earth brings forth its wealthy abundance of nourishment for people, beasts, and all residing issues that live on it, with out dissenting or changing any of the de­ crees he has set forth. five. either the inscrutable areas of the abysses and the indescribable nation-states of the depths are limited through an analogous instructions. 6. The basin of the boundless sea, tested through his workmanship to carry the waters gathered, doesn't go its restraining limitations, yet acts simply as he ordered. 7. For he acknowledged, "You shall come this a ways, and your waves shall crash down inside of you. " eight. the sea, boundless to people, and the worlds past it are ruled via an analogous decrees of the grasp. nine. The seasons—spring, summer time, fall, and winter—succeed each other in peace. 10. The forces [ Or: stations] of the winds entire their carrier of their personal right season, with out faltering. And the everlasting fountains, created for amusement and future health, supply their life-giving breasts to people fifty four fifty four activity 38:11. three five κλίματα cj. Wotton: κρίματα A Η L S C seventy three F I R S T C L E M E N T 21 ποις μαζούς- τά τε ελάχιστα τών ζώων τάς συν­ ελεύσεις αυτών iv ομόνοια καί ειρήνη ποιούνται. eleven. ταύτα πάντα 6 μέγας δημιουργός καί δεσπότης τών απάντων iv ειρήνη καϊ ομόνοια προσεταζεν είναι, ευεργετών τά πάντα, ύπερεκπερισσώς δε ημάς τούς προσπεφευγότας τοις οίκτιρμοίς αυτού διά τού κυρίου ημών Ιησού Χριστού, 12.

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