Quantity 18 of fifty four of Jules Verne's "Extraordinary Voyages", first revealed in 1879. After a big fortune is haphazardly cut up among far away cousins, one French and one German, grand plans are made to use the money. The French Dr. Sarrasin plans to construct a grand urban dedicated to the pursuit of technology. The German Professor Schultz's designs are to wreck Dr. Sarrassin's endeavors, just because they factor from a Frenchman. This adventures is frequently referred to as the 1st tale concerning using chemical guns, and a compelling prediction of German international ambition. this actual variation is reproduced from English-edition public works, and is gifted easily with an emphasis on user-friendly presentation, popularity and continuity of visual appeal, with every one identify within the "Extraordinary Voyages" wearing a journal-style brown disguise followed by way of a canopy representation and quote from the textual content at the again hide.

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