By Lewis B. Montgomery, Amy Wummer

A jewellery shop is robbed. A diamond necklace mysteriously exhibits up in Milo’s table in school. the relationship is crystal transparent . . . isn’t it? Detective duo Milo and Jazz take on their 8th case during this fascinating secret!

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Cookie . . . or case? He sighed. “That’s ok. I’m complete. ” Grabbing the telephone, he rushed to his room and dialed. Jazz’s oldest brother, Dylan, spoke back. “She’s the following. ” “Hello? ” Jazz stated. fast, Milo advised her concerning the theft on Highland force. “You see? This proves it! ” “Proves what? ” she requested. “The jewel thieves relatively are hiding out right here in our city! ” Jazz used to be silent for a second. “Milo. You stumbled on a diamond necklace, correct? ” “Right. ” “And the police say lady misplaced a diamond necklace. ” “Stolen,” he acknowledged. “From her condominium. ” “So if it’s an analogous necklace—” “Got to be! ” “Then how can it have something to do with the large jewel heist? ” Jazz requested. Oh. “Okay, might be our necklace isn’t the only they blew the secure for,” he admitted. “But the robbers are a similar. ” “How are you aware? ” “Dynamite Dan! I suggest, come on. what number explosive specialists can we have in Westview? ” “They blew up the woman’s condominium? ” Jazz requested. “Well . . . no. really, my dad stated there has been no signal of a break-in. yet that simply is going to teach what execs they're. ” Silence. “Jazz? ” “We have to visit the police. ” “But we’re so shut! ” Milo protested. “And you gave us twenty-four hours to crack the case. ” “Milo, lets get in genuine difficulty! ” Jazz stated. “I’m the person who has the necklace,” he acknowledged stubbornly. Jazz sighed. “I wish penitentiary foodstuff tastes higher than college lunches. . . . ok, what will we do subsequent? ” “We want a witness. anyone who observed Mr. Davenport drop the necklace at the playground. ” “If someone observed him drop it, wouldn’t they've got instructed him? ” Jazz acknowledged. “Anyway, might be it used to be another individual. ” “Like who? We requested all of the ladies. you think that it was once a boy? ” “Or it will probably were there earlier than we got here out for recess,” she mentioned. “The moment graders get the playground earlier than us. ” “A moment grader with a diamond necklace? ” Milo stated. “Well, I nonetheless imagine we have to visit the police,” Jazz acknowledged. “When we supply them the necklace, you could inform them your suspicions approximately Mr. Davenport. ” “They’d by no means think me,” he acknowledged. “They’d simply say i used to be mad simply because he provides us an excessive amount of homework or anything. we'd like facts. ” “Like what? ” He shook his head. “I don’t recognize. ” yet later within the night, it got here to him. If his instructor had introduced one piece of stolen jewellery to varsity, he may have introduced others. possibly Mr. Davenport’s table drawers have been full of gold and diamonds! Milo ran to the telephone and left a message for Jazz. “Meet me in class early tomorrow,” he stated. “I’ve bought a plan. ” while Milo arrived in class the subsequent morning, Jazz used to be ready outdoors. “So, what’s your plan? ” she requested. “I’m going to sneak into my school room and seek Mr. Davenport’s desk,” he acknowledged. Jazz stared at him. “That’s no longer a plan. That’s only a relatively, rather undesirable thought. You can’t move digging in a teacher’s table. ” “You can if he’s a jewel thief. ” “Oh, Milo. What for those who get stuck? ” she requested. “Don’t fear. We’ll be cautious. ” “We? ” “You simply need to be my lookout,” Milo defined. “No! ” Jazz crossed her fingers and planted her red clogs firmly at the pavement.

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