By Stephen Mitchell

An anthology of poetry selected from the world's nice spiritual and literary traditions--the excellent spouse to the bestselling Tao Te Ching.

• The Upanishads • The booklet of Psalms • Lao-tzu • The Bhagavad Gita • Chuang-tzu • The Odes of Solomon • Seng-ts'an • Han-shan • Li Po • Tu Fu • Layman P'ang • Kukai • Tung-shan • Symeon the hot Theologian • Izumi Shikibu • Su Tung-p'o • Hildegard of Bingen • Francis of Assisi • Wu-men • Dõgen • Rumi • Mechthild of Magdeburg • Dante • Kabir Mirabai • William Shakespeare • George Herbert • Bunan • Gensei • Angelus Silesius • Thomas Traherne • Basho • William Blake • Ryõkan • Issa • Ghalib • Bibi Hayati • Wait Whitman • Emily Dickinson • Gerard Manley Hopkins • Uvavnuk • nameless Navaho • W. B. Yeats • Antonio Machado • Rainer Maria Rilke • Wallace Stevens • D.H. Lawrence • Robinson Jeffers •

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I'm the item of all wisdom, father of the realm, its mom, resource of all issues, of impure and natural, of holiness and horror. i'm the objective, the foundation, the witness, domestic and shelter, dearest buddy, construction and annihilation, eternal seed and treasure. i'm the radiance of the sunlight, I open or withhold the rainclouds, i'm immortality and loss of life, am being and non-being. i'm the Self, Arjuna, seated within the middle of each creature. i'm the starting place, the center, and the tip that each one needs to come to. those that worship me basically with their minds and our bodies, giving up their complete lives in devotion, locate in me their heart’s achievement. Even those that have no idea me, if their activities are user-friendly, simply, and loving, venerate me with the truest form of worship. your whole concepts, all of your activities, all of your fears and disappointments, supply them to me, clear-hearted; comprehend all of them as passing visions. hence you loose your self from bondage, from either sturdy and evil karma; via your non-attachment, you include me, in utter freedom. i'm justice: transparent, neutral, favoring nobody, hating nobody. yet in those that have cured themselves of selfishness, I shine with brilliance. Even murderers and rapists, tyrants, the main merciless enthusiasts, finally recognize redemption via my love, in the event that they quit to my harsh yet therapeutic graces. Passing via excruciating alterations, they locate freedom and their hearts locate peace inside of them. i'm constantly with all beings; I abandon nobody. And besides the fact that nice your internal darkness, you're by no means become independent from me. allow your concepts circulation previous you, flippantly; continue me close to, at each second; belief me along with your lifestyles, simply because I am you, greater than you your self are. ” CHUANG-TZU (369? –2. 86? B. C. E. ) slicing UP AN OX Prince Wen Hui’s cook dinner was once slicing up an ox. Out went a hand, Down went a shoulder, He planted a foot, He pressed with a knee, The ox fell aside With a whisper, the intense cleaver murmured Like a gradual wind. Rhythm! Timing! Like a sacred dance, Like “The Mulberry Grove,” Like historical harmonies! “Good paintings! ” the Prince exclaimed, “Your strategy is perfect! ” “Method? ” acknowledged the prepare dinner pushing aside his cleaver, “What I stick to is Tao past all tools! “When I first begun to chop up oxen i might see ahead of me the full ox multi function mass. “After 3 years I now not observed this mass. I observed the differences. “But now, I see not anything With the attention. My entire being Apprehends. My senses are idle. The spirit unfastened to paintings with no plan Follows its personal intuition Guided by means of average line, via the key starting, the hidden area, My cleaver unearths its personal method. I lower via no joint, chop no bone. “A reliable cook dinner wishes a brand new chopper as soon as a year—he cuts. A negative prepare dinner wishes a brand new one each month—he hacks! “I have used this similar cleaver Nineteen years. It has chop up one thousand oxen. Its facet is as willing as though newly sharpened. “There are areas within the joints; The blade is skinny and prepared: whilst this thinness unearths that house there's the entire room you wish!

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