A kind of attractions within which such a lot horror is to be encountered is, without doubt, the overall element of the Parisian populace—a humans nervous to behold, gaunt, yellow, tawny. isn't Paris an unlimited box in perpetual turmoil from a typhoon of pursuits underneath that are whirled alongside a crop of humans, who're, quite often, reaped through demise, simply to be born back as pinched as ever, males whose twisted and contorted faces supply out at each pore the intuition, the need, the poisons with which their brains are pregnant; now not faces lots as mask; mask of weak point, mask of power, mask of distress, mask of pleasure, mask of hypocrisy; all alike worn and stamped with the indelible symptoms of a panting cupidity? what's it they wish? Gold or excitement?

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This 3rd social circle is a type of Parisian belly, the place the pursuits of the town are digested and the place the gang of lawyers, medical professionals, notaries, attorneys, businessmen, bankers, wholesale retailers, speculators, and magistrates are condensed within the shape known as enterprise affairs, and the place the mass is moved and stirred up through an acrid and venomous intestinal agitation. the following greater than anyplace else are encountered factors for actual and ethical destruction. each one of these humans stay in squalid dens, in reeking courtrooms, in little barred places of work, spending all day bent over underneath the load of affairs; they wake up at sunrise to be ready, to maintain from being rooked, to win every little thing or to lose not anything, to grab carry of a guy or of his funds, to get a deal going or wrap one up, to use a fleeting condition, to have a guy hanged or acquitted. they've got an impression on their horses, paintings them to dying, overtax them, getting older their horses’ legs lengthy sooner than their time. Time is their tyrant, they by no means have sufficient of it, it slips clear of them; they could neither stretch it out nor agreement it. What soul can stay nice, natural, ethical, beneficiant, what face can stay good-looking within the depraving workout of a career that forces you to undergo the burden of public miseries, to research them, weigh them, gauge them, bleed them systematically? the place do those humans hold their hearts? I don’t comprehend; yet they go away them in other places, in the event that they have any, ahead of they descend each morning to the depths of the agony that afflicts households. For them, there are not any mysteries, they see the opposite facet of the society for which they're confessors, and so they despise it. but no matter what they do, via dint of pitting themselves opposed to corruption, they arrive to detest it and are aggrieved by means of it; otherwise, out of weariness, by way of a mystery transaction, they wed it. finally, unavoidably, they develop uninterested in all feelings, those humans whom legislation, humans, associations make fly down like crows onto corpses nonetheless hot. At any time of day, the money-man weighs the dwelling, the contract-man weighs the useless, the law-man weighs our moral sense. Obliged to speak regularly, they substitute principles with phrases, feelings with words, and their soul becomes a larynx. They put on themselves down and develop demoralized. Neither the nice negotiator, nor the pass judgement on, nor the attorney retains his middle within the correct position: They cease feeling, they practice ideas that bribes distort. over excited by means of their torrential lifestyles, they are often neither husbands nor fathers nor fans; they drift on a sledge over the issues of existence, and dwell each minute pressured by means of the affairs of the nice urban. after they go back domestic, they're known as upon to wait a ball, or the Opéra, or events the place they visit enhance consumers for themselves, or associates, or protectors. all of them consume to extra, play, not sleep past due, until their faces develop around, soft, crimson. To such negative costs of highbrow energy, to such a rise in ethical contradictions, they oppose no longer pleasure—too light, flat, with out contrast—but debauchery, a mystery, terrifying debauchery, due to the fact that they've got every thing at their disposal, and they're those that create society’s morals.

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