By A. C. Grayling

Drawn from the wealth of secular literature and philosophy in either Western and jap traditions, utilizing an analogous thoughts of enhancing, redaction, and version that produced the holy books of the Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions, The solid Book consciously takes its layout and presentation from the Bible. In its fantastic thing about language and its association into brief chapters and verses for ease of interpreting and quotability, it bargains the non-religious seeker the entire knowledge, perception, solace, thought, and standpoint of secular humanist traditions which are older, some distance richer, and extra numerous than Christianity. equipped in twelve major sections-Genesis, Histories, knowledge, The Sages, Parables, Consolations, Lamentations, Proverbs, Songs, Epistles, Acts, and the Good-The stable Book opens with meditations at the foundation and growth of the realm and human lifestyles in it, then devotes realization to the query of ways lifestyles can be lived, how we relate to each other, and the way vicissitudes are to be confronted and joys favored. encouraged through the writing of Herodotus and Lucretius, Confucius and Mencius, Seneca and Cicero, Montaigne, Bacon, and such a lot of others, The solid Book fulfills its audacious objective in each way.

"I believe a few can be indignant via The solid Book yet they need not be. you do not have to be a nonbeliever to discover solace and knowledge within the distilled principles offered here."-The Huffington Post

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