By Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi - XKP

This booklet is the English translation of the Manaasik al-Hajj. The order of the cloth during this English model has

been stored kind of like the Arabic unique.

The publication includes major components; the Hajj rulings, and the Hajj process.

For the English translation, a 3rd half – thesaurus – has been additional for

the benefit.


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364. there is not any objection to split among an compulsory tawaaf and sa‘y with a mostahab tawaaf. 365. If one did not practice the sa‘y by way of forgetting it or due oversight, compulsion, or lack of understanding of the ruling, he needs to practice it each time he recalls. If he had left the town of Makkah, as a precaution he should still go back to Makkah every time he recollects the oversight, and practice the sa‘y himself if attainable. If this proved too demanding and tough for him, he should still rent an individual to accomplish the sa‘y on his behalf. One wouldn't be published from his ihraam – whether it used to be breached – till it [the sa‘y] is totally played by way of himself or via his agent. 366. it isn't conditional within the sa‘y to realize tahaarah, say from janaabah or faeces/urine, nor from passing wind, and a lady who's experiencing menses may well practice the sa‘y. 367. it's approved to accomplish the sa‘y whereas driving an animal or a motor vehicle or on a wheelchair, or being carried through anyone, even if jogging is the easiest [option]. 368. it is strongly recommended that the automobile is medium in velocity, from Safa to the 1st landmark27 – nowadays marked via eco-friendly color fluorescent mild – he should still brisk stroll from the 1st landmark to the second one– additionally marked via eco-friendly color fluorescent gentle. Brisk jogging isn't required for ladies. If he used to be driving an animal he may still make his animal to brisk stroll with no stressful a person, after which stroll often from the second one landmark to Marwah. He may still do an analogous on go back. The tasks of Sa‘y 369. the next are necessary in sa‘y 1. niyyah 2. beginning the sa‘y from Safa, three. completing the sa‘y at Marwah four. the variety of rounds five. the traditional permitted course 6. dealing with the vacation spot in the course of each one lap 7. legality of the animal used eight. the order of the sa‘y 1. Niyyah 370. [To claim] the niyyah for sa‘y is obligatory, and it has to be [declared] at first of the sa‘y with the goal of looking nearness to Allah Almighty. it truly is most excellent to verbally utter the niyyah as follows: “I 27 There are landmarks en direction among Safa and Marwah, a few 50 yards aside, they're in the direction of Marwah mount than Safa. practice the sa‘y among the Safa and the Marwah seven rounds for the Tamattu‘ Umrah looking nearness to Allah Almighty”. 2. beginning the sa‘y from the Safa 371. it really is vital to begin the sa‘y from the Safa, and for this it's not necessary to step at the rocks of the mount. three. completing the sa‘y on the Marwah 372. it's obligatory to complete the sa‘y at Marwah, and for this it isn't necessary to the touch one’s ft to the rocks of the mount of Marwah. 373. If he contradicted this and commenced [the sa‘y] at Marwah, even via oversight, his sa‘y is invalidated and as a precaution he may still practice a brand new sa‘y. four. The variety of rounds 374. it really is compulsory to hide the space among the mounts of Safa and Marwah seven instances with not anything kind of. hence there'll be 4 trips from Safa to Marwah and 3 trips from Marwah to Safa, all jointly seven rounds.

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