A vintage account of the psychedelic experience

The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the perception that the consciousness-changing medications LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can facilitate “when followed with sustained philosophical mirrored image via an individual who's in seek, now not of kicks, yet of understanding.” greater than an artifact, it's either a riveting memoir of Watts’s own experiments and a profound meditation on our perennial questions about the character of lifestyles and the life of the sacred.

Includes Watts’s article “Psychedelics and non secular Experience”

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We are saying, “I got here into this global. ” yet we did not anything of the one hundred ten AppeNdix variety. We got here out of it in precisely an identical method that fruit comes out of timber. Our galaxy, our cosmos, “peoples” within the similar means that an apple tree “apples. ” the sort of imaginative and prescient of the universe clashes with the assumption of a monarchical God, with the idea that of the separate ego, or even with the secular, atheist-agnostic mentality, which derives its logic from the mythology of nineteenth-century scientism. based on this view, the universe is a senseless mechanism and guy a type of unintended microorganism infesting a minute globular rock that revolves approximately an unimportant megastar at the outer edge of one of many minor galaxies. This “put-down” idea of guy is intensely universal between such quasi-scientists as sociologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, such a lot of whom are nonetheless deliberating the area when it comes to Newtonian mechanics, and feature by no means fairly stuck up with the information of Einstein and Bohr, Oppenheimer and Schrödinger. therefore to the standard institutional-type psychiatrist, any sufferer who offers the least trace of mystical or non secular event is immediately clinically determined as deranged. From the point of view of the mechanistic faith, he's a heretic and is given electroshock remedy as an up to date kind of thumbscrew and rack. And, by the way, it is only this type of quasi-scientist who, as advisor to executive and law-enforcement organizations, dictates reputable guidelines at the use of psychedelic chemical compounds. 111 Inability to just accept the mystic adventure is greater than an highbrow handicap. lack of understanding of the fundamental harmony of organism and setting is a major and unsafe hallucination. For in a civilization outfitted with significant technological energy, the experience of alienation among guy and nature results in using know-how in a adversarial spirit—to the “conquest” of nature rather than clever cooperation with nature. the result's that we're eroding and destroying our surroundings, spreading Los Angelization rather than civilization. this can be the most important hazard overhanging Western, technological tradition, and no quantity of reasoning or doom-preaching turns out to aid. We easily don't reply to the prophetic and moralizing strategies of conversion upon which Jews and Christians have constantly relied. yet humans have an imprecise feel of what's strong for them—call it “unconscious self-healing,” “survival instinct,” “positive progress potential,” or what you'll. one of the trained younger there's accordingly a startling and remarkable curiosity within the transformation of human awareness. all around the Western global publishers are promoting hundreds of thousands of books facing Yoga, Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, and the chemical mysticism of psychedelic medicinal drugs, and i've come to think that the entire “hip” tradition, besides the fact that inaccurate in a few of its manifestations, is the earnest and dependable attempt of teenagers to right the self-destroying process business civilization. 112 AppeNdix The content material of the paranormal event is hence inconsistent with either the non secular and secular suggestions of conventional Western concept.

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