By Matthew Sprange

The courageous and religious knight clad in shining armour and fastened upon a fiery steed. The grizzled veteran soldier, battling in 100 battles through the years. The lone tribesman, exiled through his comrades and compelled to stand the area on my own with in basic terms his spear to help him. The bold noble interesting high-class women along with his speeding beauty, experience of wit and uncooked ability with the rapier. these kind of are examples of the fighter, a category that's possibly the main various in the video game. The Quitessential Fighter is a sourcebook that may tremendously extend this type, turning the fighter from an easy sword-swinger right into a totally fleshed-out personality with as a lot curiosity and innovation because the such a lot wily wizard, crafty rogue or avenging cleric.

Of the entire personality sessions depicted in the d20 method, it's the fighter who stands aside. owning a devastating ability in conflict, the fighter is either keen and greater than in a position to launching himself into wrestle with any demeanour of creature or enemy that confronts the get together. on the climax of any experience, will probably be he who seeks out the most important and hardest enemy to have interaction in unmarried strive against when others are left to accommodate its minions. As his comrades retreat ahead of successive waves of goblinois and fouler creatures, will probably be the fighter who holds the rear, bold any enemy to move the road he has set to guard his buddies.

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The QuintessentialFighter personality ________________________________________________ participant ________________________________________ classification ______________________________________________________ point _________________________________________ personality notion _______________________________________________________________________________________ RACE _______________________________________________________ ALIGNMENT ____________________________________ buyer DIETY / faith ____________________________________________________________________________________ homeland ________________________________________________________________________________________________ skill ratings HIT issues rating MODIFIER TEMP TEMP rating MODIFIER ARMOUR ARMOUR ARMOUR guard DEX WIS dimension typical MISC DEXTERITY structure classification HIT DIE INTELLIGENCE FEATS harm aid knowledge ARMOUR WORN = 10 + power identify influence air of secrecy SAVING THROWS overall BASE skill MAGIC TEMP MODIFIERS FORTITUDE (CON) REFLEX (DEX) WILL (WIS) overall strive against BONUSES MISC BASE --------------- MODIFIERS ----------------ABILITY measurement MISC TEMP INITIATIVE (DEX) MELEE (STR) A PE RM NA OU LT R Y CH EC A okay FA RC IL AN U E RE S PE LL SP RE EL SI L ST A N CE A FL C W AT H FO EN O TE A D TO C V U ER CH S AT US TA CK M IS S S CH A N M CE BO AX N D U EX S RANGED (DEX) WEAPON AND ARMOUR PROFICIENCIES scuffling with kinds type / RANK guns WEAPON assault BONUS harm severe variety kind measurement assault BONUS harm serious diversity kind dimension assault BONUS harm severe variety variety dimension assault BONUS harm severe diversity variety dimension assault BONUS harm serious variety sort dimension assault BONUS harm serious diversity kind measurement NOTES WEAPON NOTES WEAPON NOTES WEAPON NOTES WEAPON NOTES WEAPON NOTES PERMISSION GRANTED TO PHOTOCOPY for private USE simply. a duplicate might be DOWNLOADED FROM OUR web site skill / impression EQUIPMENT merchandise situation WT talents merchandise position WT pass KEY MODIFIERS MAX RANKS = LVL +3 (/2) classification skill overall skill RANKS MISC ALCHEMY Y / N ANIMAL EMPATHY Y / N CHA APPRAISE ✓ Y / N INT stability ✓ Y / N DEX * BLUFF ✓ Y / N CHA CLIMB ✓ Y / N STR * focus ✓ Y / N CON Y / N INT DECIPHER SCRIPT Y / N INT international relations ✓ Y / N CHA DISABLE machine Y / N INT conceal ✓ Y / N CHA get away ARTIST ✓ Y / N DEX * FORGERY ✓ Y / N INT CRAFT ✓ ( ) assemble details ✓ Y / N CHA deal with ANIMAL Y / N CHA HEAL ✓ Y / N WIS conceal ✓ Y / N DEX * INNUENDO Y / N WIS INTIMIDATE ✓ Y / N CHA INTUIT course Y / N WIS leap ✓ Y / N STR* wisdom ( ) Y / N INT wisdom ( ) Y / N INT wisdom ( ) Y / N INT wisdom ( ) Y / N INT hear ✓ Y / N WIS stream SILENTLY Y / N DEX* Y / N DEX OPEN LOCK practice ( ) choose POCKET present LOAD overall WEIGHT CARRIED circulate / LIFTING circulate fee circulate stroll (= Base) Hour stroll Hustle Hour Hustle Run (x three) Day stroll Run (x4) precise Load Weight Carried gentle cash & gemstones fee CP SP GP - Max Dex Chk Pen Run - - - Medium +3 -3 x4 Heavy +1 -6 x3 PP - INT career ( ) Y / N CHA Y / N DEX* Y / N WIS learn LIPS Y / N INT journey ✓ Y / N DEX SCRY ✓ Y / N INT seek ✓ Y / N INT feel cause ✓ Y / N WIS SPELLCRAFT Y / N INT SPOT ✓ Y / N WIS SWIM ✓ Y / N STR ★ TUMBLE Y / N DEX* USE MAGIC gadget Y / N CHA USE ROPE ✓ Y / N DEX desolate tract LORE ✓ Y / N WIS gemstones - Y / N Y / N Y / N ✓ can be utilized WITH zero RANKS, * ARMOUR money PENALTY APPLIES, ★ -1 in keeping with five LBS of kit adventure overall event elevate OVER HEAD = MAX LOAD carry OFF flooring = 2 X MAX LOAD PUSH OR DRAG = five X MAX LOAD LANGUAGES XPS wanted FOR subsequent point PERMISSION GRANTED TO PHOTOCOPY for private USE in simple terms.

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