By Robert W. Sullivan IV

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“And Enoch walked with God: and he used to be no longer; for God took him.” - Genesis 5:24.

The Royal Arch of Enoch: The influence of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism files an undiscovered old anomaly: how a excessive measure Masonic Ritual - constructed in France within the mid 1700’s - integrated parts of the ebook of Enoch which used to be thought of misplaced until eventually Freemason and traveller James Bruce back to Europe with copies from Ethiopia in 1773. those copies weren't translated into English till 1821 at Oxford collage. This excessive measure ritual - titled The Royal Arch of Enoch - files the restoration of the “Lost be aware of a grasp Mason”, the identify of God. it really is this ritual particularly that has outlined, between different issues, the yankee nationwide personality. The Royal Arch of Enoch additionally records the symbolic recovery of the solar because the ultimate icon in all of Freemasonry and because the best brand of imperial management and religiosity lifted from the traditional Mysteries, integrated into the Abrahamic Faiths, and carried on in either Blue inn and excessive measure Masonry.

This e-book offers a true existence “Da Vinci Code/National Treasure” secret which, until eventually the booklet of this publication, used to be formerly unknown to heritage and historians in either the East and West.

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73205081... considering if directly strains are drawn connecting the facilities of the 2 circles with one another, with the 2 issues the place the circles intersect, equilateral triangles sign up for alongside an area. The ratios 265/153 = 1. 7320261... and 1351/780 = 1. 7320513... are of a chain of 2 approximations of this worth. Archimedes of Syracuse (ca. 287 - 212 B. C. E. ) used those rations as higher and decrease bounds: One will instantly realize the quantity 153, which seems to be within the Gospel of St. John 21: 1-14 because the variety of fish stuck by way of Jesus within the Draught of the Fish miracle after Jesus’ resurrection yet ahead of his ascension. Jesus’ connection to fishand water symbolism can be mentioned within the subsequent bankruptcy; Jesus Christ is the “Piscean Fisherman”. The Vesica Piscis approach, in addition to the Golden suggest or Ratio (1. 6180339887 - bankruptcy IV) and the Seal of Solomon - a/k/a the pentagram as built via architects similar to Vitruvius, will be utilized in medieval cathedral construction to symbolically hyperlink guy the microcosm to the divine heavens or the macrocosm. those latter phrases - microcosm, macrocosm - have been utilized by Renaissance cabalist, astrologer, Oxonian, and mathematician Robert Fludd to debate the move of blood within the human physique. To Fludd guy was once encouraged via the heavens: the human center was once the sunlight and the blood just like the planets and, via this time, it was once recognized that the planets orbit the sunlight. Fludd, who introduced himself as a disciple of the Rosicrucians in his earliest works, integrated a number of parts of Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Dee, and Bruno in his hermetical, magical, occult treatises. Fludd presents yet another hyperlink among Rosicrucianism, and in flip Freemasonry, to the hermetic-cabalistic magic of the Renaissance. English health care professional William Harvey (1578 - 1657) later defined the stream of blood in additional sleek and experimental phrases, notwithstanding nonetheless touching on the macrocosm-microcosm analogy of Robert Fludd. Hiram Abif possesses the observe of a grasp Mason - the Tetragrammaton - that is essential to build the Temple; via its ownership all wisdom - together with geometry - is feasible. As Solomon’s Temple nears of entirety 3 Fellowcrafts conspire to extract the be aware from Hiram. those 3 employees also are often called the 3 ruffians: their names are Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum. in line with his day-by-day regimen Hiram Abif, at excessive twelve, enters the approximately comprehensive Holy of Holies, or Sanctum Sanctorum, inside of Solomon’s Temple to take refreshment and draw out new architectural designs upon the trestle-board, then supply prayer to deity. Afterwards Grand grasp Hiram might retire on the south gate of the outer courts of the Temple. Jubela - the 1st ruffian - attacks Hiram on the south gate of tough the notice, Hiram refuses, and his throat is slashed. Hiram then methods the west gate the place he's accosted by means of Jubelo who back calls for the notice of a grasp Mason. Refusing to reveal it to Jubelo, he slashes the left breast of Hiram Abif. Grand grasp Hiram, wounded, stumbles to the east gate the place he's met via the ultimate assailant Jubelum.

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