By Frederic M. Wheelock

Initially meant by means of Professor Frederic M. Wheelock as a sequel to Wheelock's Latin, his vintage introductory Latin textbook, Wheelock's Latin Reader, newly revised and up to date via Richard A. LaFleur, is the proper textual content for any intermediate-level Latin direction. You'll discover a wealthy number of of prose and poetry from quite a lot of classical authors, in addition to briefer passages from medieval and past due Latin writers, every one awarded within the Latin during which it used to be initially written. valuable good points contain broad notes; an entire Latin-English vocabulary; maps of historical Italy, Greece, and the Roman Empire; and diverse images illustrating facets of classical tradition, mythology, and background featured within the readings.

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Deum: poetic shape = deorum. testabatur: testari, to endure witness to, claim, assert; governing either fugere and fore in IND. country. nequiquam: adv. , in useless, to no objective. 166. transitum pontem: the bridge, once they had crossed it (lit. , the crossed bridge). a tergo: we might say at their rear or in the back of them. 167. Capitolio: Capitolium; the Capitoline hill and the Palatine have been positioned in Rome around the Tiber from the Janiculum. 169. monere, praedicere: the HIST. INF. (with subj. , if there's one, within the nom. ) can be utilized because the major vb. in a passage of full of life, swift narration and is frequently translated as a earlier annoying; right here, he warned, he suggested. ASYNDETON provides extra pace and depth to the narrative. one hundred seventy. interrumpant: interrumpere, to collapse. se…excepturum (171): sc. esse and a few speech vb. , e. g. , asserting that. quantum: adv. in as far as. 171. posset obsisti: impers. move. vadit: vadere, to head, rush. aditum: aditus, technique, front. a few Ordeals of the Early Republic The Tarquins flee to Lars Porsenna of Clusium, who leads a military opposed to Rome. Iam Tarquinii advert Lartem Porsennam, Clusinum regem, perfugerant. Ibi miscendo consilium precesque nunc orabant ne se, one hundred fifty oriundos ex Etruscis, eiusdem sanguinis nominisque, egentes exsulare pateretur; nunc monebant etiam ne orientem morem pellendi reges inultum sineret. Porsenna, cum regem esse Romae tum Etruscae gentis regem amplum Tuscis ratus, Romam infesto exercitu venit. Non umquam alias ante tantus terror senatum a hundred and fifty five invasit: adeo valida res tum Clusina erat magnumque Porsennae nomen. (II. 2. 2–9. five, excerpts) Horatius Codes is published to guard the bridge at Rome. Cum hostes adessent, professional se quisque in urbem ex agris demigrant, urbem ipsam saepiunt praesidiis. Alia muris, alia Tiberi obiecto videbantur tuta. Pons sublicius iter paene hostibus one hundred sixty dedit, ni unus vir fuisset, Horatius Cocles: identity munimentum illo die fortuna urbis Romanae habuit. Qui positus distinctiveness in statione pontis, cum captum repentino impetu Ianiculum atque inde citatos decurrere hostes vidisset, trepidamque turbam suorum arma ordinesque relinquere, reprehensans singulos, obsistens one hundred sixty five obtestansque deum et hominum fidem, testabatur nequiquam deserto praesidio eos fugere; si transitum pontem a tergo reliquissent, iam plus hostium in Palatio Capitolioque quam in Ianiculo fore. Codes orders the bridge to be destroyed at the back of him, whereas he holds the Etruscans on the front. Itaque monere, praedicere ut pontem ferro, igni, quacumque a hundred and seventy vi possint, interrumpant; se impetum hostium, quantum corpore uno posset obsisti, excepturum. Vadit inde in primum aditum pontis, insignisque inter conspecta cedentium pugnae terga, obversis comminus advert ineundum proelium armis, ipso miraculo audaciae obstupefecit hostes. Duos tamen cum eo pudor tenuit, a hundred seventy five Sp. Larcium ac T. Herminium, ambos claros genere factisque. Cum his primam periculi procellam et quod tumultuosissimum pugnae erat parumper sustinuit; deinde eos quoque ipsos, exigua parte pontis relicta, revocantibus qui rescindebant, cedere in tutum coegit.

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