To thine personal Sith be actual. Lend us your ears and comlinks for a Shakespearean retelling of Star Wars Episode III! A once-heroic knight turns into the darkest of villains. The Jedi endure slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The Republic falls, an Empire rises, and so starts the lengthy stay up for a brand new wish.
whatever is rotten within the nation of Coruscant! Don’t pass over this ultimate bankruptcy within the superstar Wars prequel trilogy, offered Shakespeare-style with masterful meter, stirring soliloquies, and complicated Elizabethan illustrations. It’s an ideal melding of vintage literature and epic popular culture.

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Make thou the alternative e’en now, courageous Anakin, Else he can be mine finish; my power doth fail. The effective weaver, destiny, doth bid me go out— not more am i able to suffer this torture harsh. MACE Withhold from him thine ears, younger Skywalker— No monologue of his shalt thou think. A time to kill hath, in its time, arriv’d. I’ll finish his existence for all eternity. ANAKIN Nay, nay! ’Tis now not your home to condemn move— He needs to stand trial within the Senate, see? MACE Use thou a few good judgment! We mustn't ever provide This hard—as temper’d iron—man possibilities. Forsooth, he's too risky to dwell! PALPATINE I bid thee, beg thee: permit me now not be slain. i'm so susceptible, defeated through your could. ANAKIN ’Tis now not the Jedi manner! He mustn't ever die— i want him, O, i want him greater than lifestyles. [Mace starts to strike down Palpatine, yet Anakin cuts off Mace’s hand together with his lightsaber. MACE O, discomfort! Mine hand dead—and alive I endure by means of the hand of Jedi Knight! PALPATINE Ha! energy reigns, and therefore you meekly die— O, pow’r limitless, i'm your god! [Palpatine/Darth Sidious moves Mace with lightning, and Mace falls out the window, lifeless. ANAKIN lamentably, what have I performed? This noble guy, Whom with a crack’d middle i've got despatched to loss of life, Lov’d me above the degree of a father, Nay, Jedi grasp he made me, certainly. SIDIOUS ’Tis right here, upon this financial institution and shoal of time, Thou dost start to be aware of thy future and spot it good fulfill’d, robust Anakin. develop into my real apprentice; thou shalt research to take advantage of the powerful darkish part of the strength. ANAKIN As you command me, hence shall I practice. SIDIOUS ’Tis good. ANAKIN —But support me shield Padmé’s existence, and also you shall have mine unending loyalty. Sans her, my lifestyles is forfeit. O, my lifestyles! SIDIOUS to beat demise yet one guy hath achiev’d, but i'm definite we will make it so And be aware of the key if we paintings as one. [Anakin kneels earlier than Sidious. ANAKIN Mine utmost fealty I pledge to you, Unto your teachings and your clever command. SIDIOUS Thy meek subservience I do embody, as though thou wert the fit to mine personal middle. The strength is powerful with thee, sturdy Anakin, And thou a Sith extraordinary shalt turn into. Henceforth thou shalt be call’d a diff’rent identify, a reputation that shall motivate either dread and worry In all who pay attention it utter’d: upward push, Darth Vader. [Anakin rises as Darth Vader. VADER thanks, my grasp. I shall serve you good. input YODA, on balcony. YODA unluckily, what's this? a few disturbance colossal shakes me, Profound disquiet. Happen’d anything has: I see destruction, discomfort, dying, The emerging darkness. My buddy Mace Windu— Your screams in mine ears echo— What hath befallen? [Exit Yoda. SIDIOUS [to Vader:] as the Council didn't belief in thee, Mine keen, deferential younger apprentice, Methinks thou paintings the single Jedi left Who knoweth naught in their approaching plot. whilst the entire Jedi examine what happen’d the following, we will be slaughter’d ere the evening is thru And ev’ry senator in addition. VADER —’Tis actual, They shall circulate ’gainst the Senate straightaway. SIDIOUS every one Jedi, even Obi-Wan Kenobi— Thy friend—is now Republic’s enemy.

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